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Best time to visit Kashmir


Kashmir is a beautiful region located in the Northern part of India. The place is known for its scenic and breathtaking landscapes, snow-capped mountains, and lush green valleys. Kashmir is famous for its seasonal fruits and vegetables which are grown along the place throughout the year. Kashmir is also notable for its apples, dry fruits production, and natural saffron which are world-famous due to their high quality.

The region is famous for its high-quality timber and wood material which includes the likes ranging from house decoration woodwork, and furniture to a wooden willow cricket bat. The place has its cultural heritage of a silent economy as Kashmir has been associated with many surgical strikes from China and Pakistan.

Even though the craze and hype of the region remains intact, people visit in millions throughout the year from across the globe to enjoy the scenic beauty and have a relaxed vacation. The best time to visit Kashmir depends on various natural factors like the weather conditions and also on the nature of vacation demanded by the persons travelling, and the availability of various sports and adventures including local festivals.

To understand the various time seasons to visit Kashmir, the entire time span of the year is divided into seasons. The demographics of the region is surrounded with army camp and other important army border security teams for preserving the National Interest of the country.


About Kashmir’s magnificence in every season


The summer season in Kashmir lasts from May to august, and is considered as the peak season when tourism is considered. The temperature ranges from 15-30 degrees which makes it pleasant weather for outdoor activities and travelling. These months have the famous tulip garden full of bloom and blossoms. This makes a very enjoyable and colorful display of flowers for the tourists travelling in between these months.

If Kashmir is visited during these months tourists can indulge themselves in several activities like trekking, mountaineering, camping, fishing and river rafting. Many tourist destinations such as Srinagar, Gulmarg, Sonamarg and Pahalgam are tourists attractions where plenty of mouth watering dishes and other cuisine and culture can be experienced and enjoyed.

The major disadvantage of visiting Kashmir during these months is the high influx of tourists which leads to crowded tourist destinations and attractions. Hence the prices for accommodation and other activities are relatively high. To avoid surges in price one must plan and do the booking for accommodations and outdoor activities in advance.  

MONSOON SEASON (September- November)

The monsoon season in Kashmir lasts from September to November, the three months of monsoon weather make

the air crisp and fresh. Tourists traveling to Kashmir during the season can enjoy the weather and the cultural cuisine and heritage of Kashmir. During this time the weather ranges from 10-25 degrees.

The region receives moderate rainfall which makes the entire area lush green and is the adapt time to enjoy the natural beauty of Kashmir. The season can be utilized for exploring waterfalls and lakes, along with outdoor activities like river rafting, hiking, trekking, and many more.

The major disadvantage in traveling in monsoon weather is that certain tourist activities such as camping and river rafting may not be available due to heavy rainfall and can hamper travel plans. Also, landslides and road closures can lead to the non-availability of many outdoor activities.

WINTER SEASON (December-February)

The winter season in Kashmir lasts from December to February, and is considered the best time to travel for people who love winter sports and activities. The temperature during the season ranges from -2 to 10 degrees, and the region receives heavy snowfall, transforming the landscape into a winter wonderland fully covered with snow.

The outdoor activities in winter season includes the likes of skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing. The popular destinations for tourist visits and attraction in the winter season includes Gulmarg and Sonamarg which offers a huge landscape covered with ice for snow activities and other outdoor activities.

The major disadvantage of travelling in winter season is the extreme weather conditions which may make it difficult for travelling and may cause certain tourism activities to be not available. The snowfall can cause road closures and flight cancellations as well which makes it difficult and restrains the travelers and tourists to reach their destinations.


The Spring season in Kashmir lasts from March till April and is a great time to visit for those who want to avoid the crowds and want to enjoy the pleasant weather. During the season the temperature ranges from 10-25 degrees and the region is covered in a blanket of colorful flowers and trees. During the season tourists and visitors can enjoy several activities like sightseeing, exploring the gardens and parks, and can also indulge in hiking popular tourist destinations and attractions such as Srinagar and Pahalgam offer beautiful scenic views and can enjoy the local cuisines and cultural heritage around the place.

The important and most visited destination is the Dal Lake where people enjoy shikara boat rides which allows to explore the vegetable floating market in Kashmir. There are also beautiful houseboats which provide accommodations on the lake itself with some amazing breathtaking scenic beauty. Also, tourists can enjoy the horse rides and pony rides for travelling long distances over mountains.

The major disadvantage of visiting Kashmir during the particular season is the unpredictable weather conditions which can lead to the non-availability of many outdoor activities. Also due to the popularity of the season, the price of accommodation and other utility can be high than the usual prices.  


The best time to visit Kashmir depends on the preference of the tourist and also the activities they want to indulge in. If any tourist wants pleasant weather they can visit Kashmir in the summer season, if any tourist wishes to avoid the excess crowd and enjoy the natural beauty in a calm environment without crowds then the monsoon and spring season are the best time to visit. But it is important to remember that the weather conditions in Kashmir can be unpredictable and many activities can be non-available due to extreme weather conditions.

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