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About Nepal

Nepal is the country of Asia and Nepal lies between China and India in South Asia. Most people practice Hinduism, but some people practice both Hinduism and Buddhism. The caste system has been outlawed by the government but it still makes up the social structure of everyday lives.Most Nepalese live in the central, hilly region, which embraces the Kathmandu Valley, and in the southern plain known as the Terai. People in Nepal rely on trees for most of their energy needs. Forests are rapidly being cut down and used as firewood in heating and cooking.

Continent: Asia

Region: South Asia

Ideal Duration: 6-8 Days

Best Time: Sep – Nov

Currency: Nepalese Rupee

Budget: Cheap

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Events & Festivals

16th to 17th August

Sawane Sankranti

Nag Panchami

2nd August

Nag Panchami

Haritalika Teej

30th August

Haritalika Teej

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